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The Importance of a Good Posture


Growing up, if we have certain sports in our radar, we are more likely to have a good posture. Otherwise, our future levels of pain or even our lung capacity, will depend on somebody telling us to keep ourselves straight.

The importance of a good posture can only be understood if we first understand what a good posture is. According to Harvard Health1, the criteria to define it is naturally different depending if you are seating or standing.

While standing, you have a good posture if you have, your chin parallel to the floor, arms at your side with shoulders and elbows even, neutral spine, abdominal muscles braced, knees pointing straight ahead with hips even and your body weight evenly distributed on both feet.

Seated, it means keeping your chin parallel to the floor, your shoulders, hips, and knees at even height and both knees and feet pointing straight ahead.

Having a good posture improves your health significantly and its benefits2 are undeniable across different areas of your body:

Reduces Low Back Pain: if you sit or stand in a slouched position for a long time, pressure will be placed on the posterior structures of the spine, that will translate into tension in your lower back.

Causes fewer Headaches: by increasing muscle tension in the back of the neck, a poor posture can cause tension headaches.

Less shoulders and neck tension: a proper alignment of your head with your body will mean less stressed joints and ligaments. As a massage after exercise, avoiding a forward head posture can release the tension of your upper back, neck and shoulders.

When talking about the importance of a good posture, countless benefits could be considered. In sum, taking advantage of a good posture means having your bones and muscles used how they are designed to.




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