a side sleeper with bluetooth eye masks

Ultra Thin Earpieces, Good for Side or Back Sleepers

BONARELAX™ bluetooth eye mask is equipped with 4mm thin removable earpieces which reduce pressure to ears significantly. It is very friendly to the side sleepers. You won't feel any hard panels and earphones.Just enjoy your music in the most relaxed way.

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  • Bluetooth 5.2

    Easy and Reliable Connection

  • HD Sound

    vivid sound from delicate acoustic design

  • 2 Hour Charging

    Easy charging with mini USB cable

  • Hand Off Call

    pick up call or chat with Siri

  • Music Playing

    Up to 10 hours after full charge

  • Hand Washable

    All electronic parts must be removed

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Charging with a USB Cable

Easy Volume/Track/Call Control, Convenient USB Charging

Simply charge with a mic-usb cable (included) just beneath the leather logo. Use three keys to adjust volume, select songs, pick up phone calls, or call Siri.

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Eye Masks Block All Light

Comfortable, Full Light Blockout, No Pressure on Eyes

The material is cool, comfortable, breathable and non allergic to your skin. Thanks to the 3D ergonomic eye mask design plus fine craftman, BONARELAX eye masks is a perfect combination of quality, function and aesthetic.

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Adjustable Head Stripe

Adjustable Head Band Fit Everyone

BONARELAX™ eye mask has adjustable head strap, fits everyone. The eye mask is also washable after removing electronics.

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