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Massage After Exercise - Yes or No?


The benefits of a massage after exercise are real or is it just another upsell tactic of my local gym?

A massage after exercise can bring countless advantages for your body’s health.

According to the website ManchesterPhysio1, a massage after your regular workout, can significantly improve the time and quality of your recovery while reducing the chances of an injury, which allows you to be ready to, not only don’t miss another training, but to confidently tackle another exercise session sooner.

Your body needs to heal after being subjected to a higher exercise pace that it is used to during your everyday life. Massaging the muscles stimulated, helps to remove toxins and to repair damaged tissues.

Regular exercise can cause microscopic tearings on muscles’ fibers. This phenomenon, known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, results from the lactic acid2 production during that same exercise and can cause discomfort and lead to pain and tiredness.

A post exercise massage can immediately act on the fibers to avoid and diminish any unwanted consequences associated with your regular workout.

Furthermore, by increasing the fresh blood flow into your muscles, nutrients are carried to the tissues more rapidly, allowing an acceleration in recouping any damaged tissues.

Due to the exhausting nature and the psychological effects that your workout can have, the benefits of a massage after exercise, can show themselves crucial for a full body and mind recovery and to give you the motivation to return to your training regimen:

Decreases depression; Elevates your mood; Reduces anxiety; Reduces tension; Increases the range of movement; Improves the feeling of relaxation.

Essentially, an after workout massage can give you the edge you need in your training routine. Make sure you find the appropriate massager and experience the difference in your general recovery, soreness and level of pain.




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