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Let Me Tell You About the Importance of Vitamin D

sunbath for vitamin D
Have you heard about the importance of vitamin D, or about vitamin D at all? You probably know
it comes from the sun. Are you taking it for granted?

You are half right in thinking it comes from the sun. Vitamin D is naturally produced as a result of the reaction of the exposition of your skin to sunlight.

Vitamin D is as well available through the consumption of certain supplement foods, like vegetable milk or nutritional yeast. It’s very important to maintain the levels of calcium and phosphate 1 in the body, that you regulate your levels of vitamin D.

Never assume that your levels are in conformity with the ones desired just because you live in a country with a higher incidence of natural sunlight. Having a job where you spend a great part of your day closed in an office or even in periods of rain, your levels of this vitamin, so important to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy, can be low and supplementation can be key.

Apart from these advantages, vitamin D is a powerful ally in tackling some diseases or preventing others. According to Healthline 2, it reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis, decreases chances of developing heart disease and it can even reduce the likelihood of getting the flu.

It reduces the risk of depression, as it assumes a big role in our system as a mood regulator and, the best news for the ones that put on some weight during this lockdown, it helps with its loss. A study 3 showed that when taken daily as a supplement with a supplement of calcium, works as an appetite suppressor.

Adequate levels of vitamin D are crucial to your health. Both low levels and high levels of this vitamin can have nefarious consequences for your body. Only regularly testing them and consulting a doctor to prescribe the correct supplementation, if needed, you can maintain your health intact in that department.


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