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Do You Have Neck Pain From Running? This Post Is for You.


neck pain after running

Having neck pain from running can come as a surprise. Isn’t it just the legs that we are using?

Actually, while running, you are not only using your legs. Of course, they will move you forward but your arms swing, your shoulders rotate and you understand that running is not just about your inferior members.

According to Dr C Redding 1, “most neck pain, without a precipitating trauma, is due to poor posture”. As we have mentioned here 2 in the blog, avoiding a forward head posture can release the tension of your upper back, neck and shoulders.

While seated, it is important as well, that you cultivate the habit of having your chin parallel to the floor and your shoulders at even heights.

Sports Injury Physio 3 suggests that you ask a friend to take a photo of you in your normal posture and asks you to resist the instinct of putting yourself straight because somebody is doing it.

What we would suggest is that, being something that is important for you to assess, not only standing, but seating as well, in your office environment or other that applies to your everyday life, ask somebody to take a photo when you aren’t expecting it. It can be your work colleague that you get along with (without prejudicing your work environment, of course) or somebody from your household, in case you work from home.

If you go to a party or some other event, having a friend to take a candid picture of you can give you a better understanding if this is a problem you should tackle or not.

From this point on, if you feel like there is a need for you to improve your posture, we would advise that you first talk to your doctor to verify if there is any other condition that can be associated with it and follow the recommendations. There are plenty of exercises available if you want to take a step to improve this important part of your health.

Although the most common, this isn’t the only issue that can cause neck pain while running. You can have poor running technique or have an injury caused by other factors. Only by understanding the cause, you can start the treatment.


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