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Do You Have a Sedentary Lifestyle? Know the Risks Today!

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A sedentary lifestyle leads to risk factors that end approximately 2 million lives every year, according to the WHO 1. If this isn’t a wake up call enough for you, just keep reading.

The World Health Organization 2 has been setting the metrics that define the levels of physical activity that one should have to don’t be sedentary. According to the organization, somebody is physically active from 18 to 64 if, in a week:

● Does, at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity;

● Does muscle-strengthening activities, at least twice a week, at moderate or greater intensity that involve all major muscle groups.

Failing to comply with these reasonable demands can lead to nefarious consequences that, even if you don’t feel it now, might ultimately even affect your life expectancy.


So, what are the real symptoms of an inactive lifestyle?

According to Men’s Health 3, risks associated with this lifestyle go beyond blood sugar pikes or even cancer:

Prejudices your mood, increasing the risk of anxiety;

You start to forget things and you have the same chance of developing dementia as somebody genetically predisposed to;

Sex life slows down and bear in mind that the inherent weight gain makes you more likely to suffer from erectyle dysfuntion;

Prejudices your sleep. Remember that the ones who exercise vigorously are twice as likely to have a good night’s sleep;

Gives you back pain because even if the posture 4 is good, being seated for long periods of time, naturally puts pressure in your back.

Keep in mind that age only tends to increase your inactivity levels and nobody is getting younger. Take your first step today to avoid a life of complications in the future.





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